Foods To Avoid During The Holidays

badtoothAdmit it or not, the Christmas holidays are a time of indulgence. We indulge ourselves with food and drinks, and we indulge our children with gifts. That’s okay. Christmas only comes once a year right? However, overindulgence may not be good for your tooth health. So if you’re wondering if there are certain foods you should avoid during the holidays to avoid dental problems, there actually are. And if you don’t want to avoid them all together, there are certain ways you can eat them to reduce negative effects on your teeth. Read on to find out what foods to avoid during the holidays.

Avoid These

Baguettes and biscotti: Biscotti is a great winter snack and goes great with coffee. But both baguettes and biscotti are very hard on the teeth and can crack a tooth or damage a filling. To try to prevent this either dip the biscotti in coffee to soften before eating, or else bite small pieces and chew slowly.
Sweets and candies: During the holidays there are many rich, thick, sticky desserts and treats to choose from. Sticky treats and hard candies are something you will want to avoid if you have any kind of dental work such as fillings, crowns, or dental bridges. Hard candies can crack a tooth or crown, and sticky substances have been known to dislodge fillings and other dental work.
Jerky: Beef or turkey jerky can be hard on your teeth because they are so tough and difficult to chew. Gnawing on them can help soften them before biting or tearing. Also bite small pieces and chew carefully to avoid damage to your teeth. Jerky nuggets also tend to be more tender.
Popcorn:  Popcorn tends to be a popular gift during the holiday season but it can cause a lot of distress if you accidently bite down on an unpopped kernel. Carmel-coated popcorn is sticky and often has nuts. Be careful when eating any kind of popcorn. One of the most common popcorn problems is getting a hull stuck in between your teeth or under your gum, but you can also break, crack, or fracture a tooth or dental filling while eating popcorn.


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