Month: February 2018

Different Types Of Tooth Discoloration

There are two different ways that teeth can be discolored. Dull, yellow teeth can make you feel insecure about showing off your smile. Refreshing and whitening your smile can be a fairly quick and simple way to boost your confidence in your appearance. Understanding that there are two different types of tooth discoloration can help you know… Read more »

Do You Have Chronic Bad Breath?

Everyone deals with bad breath at some point in their lives. Many people experience morning breath, while some people experience chronic bad breath that doesn’t go away easily. While bad breath can be bothersome just on its own, not being able to get rid of it can make the situation much more stressful. Usually, dealing… Read more »

Am I Too Old To Straighten My Smile?

Many adults with a crooked smile find themselves asking, “am I too old to straighten my smile?.” Movies and television have filled our heads with the images of teenagers wearing braces and headgear, which makes many of us mistakenly believe that straightening our smiles is strictly for adolescents. While Invisalign treatment is appropriate for kids… Read more »

Should I Replace My Tooth With An Implant?

Losing even just one tooth can affect the way you look, eat, and even the way that you speak. A missing tooth can also leave your remaining teeth vulnerable to movement or loss. Tooth loss can lead to a loss of bone density in your jaw, which can have a negative affect on your smile’s… Read more »