Month: March 2021

3 Things To Keep In Mind If You Break A Tooth

A cavity can form gradually, and it can steadily worsen without your realizing something is wrong…at first. By scheduling regular dental exams, you can receive early warnings about tooth decay and avoid unpleasant complications. However, you can have little warning before breaking a tooth, making this an especially frustrating issue. Fortunately, you are not without… Read more »

How Veneers Give People Impressive Smile Improvements

How confident do you really feel when you show off your smile? If you are bothered by issues with the shape, size, or color of any teeth, you can have doubts about your appearance that leave you self-conscious. Rather than accept these flaws as unresolvable, talk to your Sheridan, WY dentist about a cosmetic dental… Read more »

3 Questions You Might Have Before A Cavity Treatment

While learning that you need cavity treatment may not be happy news, it is good to have a problem identified and addressed before it can worsen. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can take care of your cavity with a dental filling or dental crown that imitates your healthy tooth structure. If you need… Read more »

Choosing Your Preferred Approach To Fighting Teeth Stains

If you have already tried to fight teeth stains on your own, you can be familiar with the frustration that people feel when they try to brighten their smile without help. Even though you have access to store bought whitening agents and whitening toothpastes, it can be difficult to see meaningful changes to the way… Read more »

How Tooth Bonding Treatments Resolve Smile Concerns

Even if the problem is isolated to a single tooth, it can be embarrassing to have a conspicuous dental flaw affect your smile. While these problems can sometimes stem from past dental injuries that went untreated, they can also be the result of naturally occurring flaws related to tooth shape and size. One option for… Read more »

Learning What Invisalign Can Do To Improve Your Smile

If your teeth are not spaced properly, it can be embarrassing to show off your smile. This can be because your malocclusion issues affect your smile symmetry, or because visible gaps or overlaps between teeth make you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, a cosmetic dental procedure can discreetly move your teeth and improve the way you look…. Read more »

The Long-Term Value Of Better Brushing Habits

How long has it been since you last had to deal with a cavity, or since your dentist warned you about symptoms of gingivitis? With good daily habits and regular appearances for routine dental care, you can keep your risk for oral health issues low. One thing to watch out for is a growing comfort… Read more »

We Can Address Cold Sores And Other Embarrassing Issues

Your confidence in your smile can change in seemingly no time at all. While some problems, like the buildup of teeth stains, can worsen gradually, some issues can lead to unexpected challenges and concerns. For example, you can be embarrassed by the eruption of a cold sore that makes you look unhealthy and less attractive…. Read more »

Reviewing The Benefits Of Receiving A Dental Bridge

How long should you put up with difficulties associated with an incomplete smile? Tooth loss can cause many negative consequences, and those consequences can actually worsen in time if you do not address this problem. Fortunately, trouble with tooth loss can be permanently addressed with a dental bridge, a lifelike restorations that can be secured… Read more »

We Can Shorten Your Treatment Time With A Same-Day Crown

To ensure that a dental crown is comfortable, secure, and capable of staying in place to provide long-term support, it needs to be custom-made for the tooth being restored. At many dental offices, the crown itself is produced in a third party lab based on measurements taken at the practice. This arrangement prolongs the time… Read more »