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When TMJ Issues Cause Discomfort

If you live with a persistent problem with jaw stiffness and pain, you should know that treatment is available. By addressing TMJ disorder with your Sheridan, WY dentist, you can receive help to correct an imbalance in your jaw alignment and bite function responsible for ongoing stiffness, pain, and even problems like headaches and neck… Read more »

Signs You Should Start TMJ Treatment

Through treatment for TMJ disorder, you can put an end to ongoing issues that you have with stiffness in your jaw, pain during basic dental movements, and even issues with headaches, teeth grinding, and other sources of discomfort. Bringing your current struggles with these and other bite-related issues with your Sheridan, WY dentist can mean… Read more »

Appliance Therapy For Persistent Jaw Pain

As you find it increasingly hard to avoid problems with jaw pain and stiffness, you can have some understandable questions about why the issue affects you, and how you can put a stop to it. When you have these kinds of issues, it can point to problems with the alignment of your jaw, as well… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Dental Discomfort

While it is safe to assume that no one wants to experience dental pain, this is a problem that people do not always address promptly. Instead, they can wait in hopes that it will go away on its own. Unfortunately, this can lead to unintended consequences. In time, problems with tooth pain can lead to… Read more »

What Can I Do To Live Without TMJ Pain?

If you start to suffer from TMJ disorder on a daily basis, the pain can become a frustrating part of your life, one that you are eager to address. The trouble can be that you are not sure what you can do to alleviate that discomfort, at least on your own. Visiting your Sheridan, WY… Read more »

What TMJ Therapy Does To Address Jaw Pain

If the frequency of your jaw pain has become a source of concern, you can turn to your dentist for support and guidance. What you may need help with is a problem known as TMJ disorder, which affects people who have issues with poor jaw alignment or stress on the joints and muscles. At our… Read more »

Responding To A Patient’s TMJ Problems

An untreated problem with your jaw movement or alignment can lead to worsening discomfort, something that can build until you struggle to make it through the day without a worrying degree of pain and joint stiffness. In time, a problem with TMJ disorder can also lead to the start of chronic headaches, and it may… Read more »

When Biting And Chewing Hurt

How common is it for you to feel pain when you try to enjoy a meal or snack? Your routine biting and chewing movements should not be a source of discomfort. If they are, it could be because you have an issue with TMJ disorder. Problems with your jaw joint alignment and movement can lead… Read more »

Responding To Concerns About Jaw Pain

There are many reasons to worry about jaw pain that affects you on a frequent basis, or seems to worsen over time. You may have an unresolved issue with tension or poor joint alignment, a problem known as TMJ disorder, which can interfere with your daily life in many unpleasant ways. Without proper treatment, this… Read more »

Solving Problems That Affect Bite Function

Your ability to bite down forcefully help you chew through nutrient-rich foods that are tougher. It is also an indication of good oral health. If something stops you from comfortably biting and chewing, you should meet with your dentist to learn what is causing the trouble. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can help… Read more »