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Let Your Dentist Know If Jaw Pain Affects Your Daily Life

If it seems like jaw pain is a problem that affects you on a daily basis, you can be understandably worried about your oral health. What you should know is that this pain may be related to problems with the alignment of your jaw, or with an excess of tension affecting your joints and muscles…. Read more »

How A Custom Oral Appliance Fits Into TMJ Treatment

Difficulties with biting and chewing can build over time. If your jaw movement is compromised, uneven, or unusual in some other way, tension on your joints and muscles can lead to pain and sensitivity. You also have to worry about the alignment of your joints being negatively affected. These problems, along with teeth grinding issues,… Read more »

Using A Custom Appliance To Alleviate TMJ Aches And Pains

If you are trying to ignore TMJ problems, you can grow frustrated as biting, chewing, speaking, and even laughing lead to discomfort. Problems that affect your jaw joints and muscles make it difficult for you to do anything that requires jaw movement, as pain and stiffness put new limitations on you. If your problem has… Read more »

Discuss Concerns About Your Bite Function With Your Dentist

The health of your jaw, and your ability to bite and chew without discomfort, can have significant impact on your daily life. TMJ disorder is a term used to discuss problems that impact a person’s jaw health and movement. If you struggle with this issue, you can suffer an increase in headaches, and struggle with… Read more »

What Can I Do To Reduce This Recurring Jaw Pain?

If you choose to simply live with jaw pain, you can come to realize that the time you spend biting, chewing, and even speaking can become deeply unpleasant. When issues affect your joints and muscles to cause TMJ disorder, you can start to experience problems with more than just basic jaw movements. You may also… Read more »

We Can Design A Custom Appliance To Help With TMJ Disorder

Trying to simply put up with the aches and pains caused by TMJ disorder can be difficult. The problem can affect the comfort with which you are able to bite and chew food, as well as your ability to speak naturally and without pain. It can also be the reason behind your headaches, problems with… Read more »

Support From A Custom Appliance Can Help With Jaw Pain

The experience of discomfort when you bite, chew, or even when you try to speak can make you concerned, and interfere with your daily life in unpleasant ways. These problems, which can result from TMJ disorder, are often accompanied by jaw stiffness, headaches, and even pain in your face and neck. Your Sheridan, WY dentist’s… Read more »

3 Issues That Can Negatively Affect Your Bite Function

Is the way you move your jaw when biting and chewing actually important? People sometimes fail to realize just how much harm a flawed bite can ultimately cause. You can experience issues with excess wear and tear on certain teeth, suffer from chronic headaches and other pains, or even find it difficult to move your… Read more »

Why Am I Having A Harder Time Biting And Chewing?

Something as simple as biting and chewing should occur without any difficulties…right? If accumulating stress starts to take its toll on your jaw joints and muscles, you may begin experiencing problems with these routine motions. A person who experiences TMJ disorder may find it hard to move their jaw because it feels stiff or sore…. Read more »

Finding A Solution For Your Issues With Dental Discomfort

If you try to ignore a problem with dental discomfort, you can quickly discover just how intrusive this type of pain can become! You may find it hard to bite and chew certain foods, or find that hot or cold items cause severe discomfort. You should also be aware that by ignoring problems with dental… Read more »