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Why Am I Having A Harder Time Biting And Chewing?

Something as simple as biting and chewing should occur without any difficulties…right? If accumulating stress starts to take its toll on your jaw joints and muscles, you may begin experiencing problems with these routine motions. A person who experiences TMJ disorder may find it hard to move their jaw because it feels stiff or sore…. Read more »

Finding A Solution For Your Issues With Dental Discomfort

If you try to ignore a problem with dental discomfort, you can quickly discover just how intrusive this type of pain can become! You may find it hard to bite and chew certain foods, or find that hot or cold items cause severe discomfort. You should also be aware that by ignoring problems with dental… Read more »

Is An Untreated TMJ Problem Causing You To Grind Your Teeth?

If you have difficulty moving your jaw while speaking, or trying to eat, it could be due to an untreated issue with TMJ dysfunction. This problem can do more than just interfere with the movement of your jaw – you could experience chronic pain in your face, head, and head because of it. You can… Read more »

How Can I Tell If TMJ Disorder Is Affecting Me?

While discomfort can be hard to avoid entirely, persistent discomfort can be a legitimate cause for concern. If you often feel uncomfortable moving your jaw while eating or speaking, if you frequently wake up with sore teeth, or if you often experience headaches, you could be suffering from TMJ disorder. This problem can result from… Read more »

Better Dental Health Can Improve Your Bite Function

There are several issues that can attract your attention, and let you know that you may have an issue with your oral health. A persistent toothache is certainly a sign that something might be wrong, as is a tooth that looks unhealthy. You should also be paying attention to your bite function – if pain… Read more »

Let Us Know If You Have Issues With Jaw Pain Or Stiffness

If you have ongoing problems with jaw pain or stiffness, it can be difficult to avoid movements that aggravate the problem, and make you uncomfortable. After all, you can hardly be expected to speak, laugh, bite, and chew without some type of jaw motion! These frustrating issues with your jaw may be due to TMJ… Read more »