Address Jaw Pain With An Oral Appliance

Sheridan, WY, dentist offers treatment for TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ or TMD, is a condition that affects the movement of your jaw. This dysfunction affects millions of patients, and some may be unaware of the problem. Your Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY, is here to explore the symptoms of TMJ and discuss possible treatment options to address this painful condition.

TMJ Can Harm Your Overall Well-Being

The side effects of TMD can have a negative impact on your oral, physical, and mental health. One of the most common symptoms of this condition is headaches. This may happen because your jaw joints do not properly align. You may be placing too much tension on them or grind your teeth together to get relief. These headaches can be a frustrating interruption for your day. This condition can also cause your smile to become misaligned and can potentially worsen existing bite problems. Since your jaw does not come together properly, it can cause your smile to become uneven. Over time, your underbite or overbite can become more severe as your teeth shift due to this disorder. Bruxism is another common side effect of TMJ. This causes patients to grind their teeth together when they are not aware of it. Your pearly whites can become worn down when this is left untreated, causing you to be more likely to develop cavities or break a tooth. Bruxism often happens while you sleep, which means your rest cycle may be interrupted. This can lead to increased feelings of fatigue, irritability, depression, and anxiety which can harm your mental health.

Your Dentist May Be Able To Help

You may be wondering why your dentist cares about your jaw health. As we mentioned above, this disorder can have damaging affects for your body overall, including your dental health. Your team may also be able to notice symptoms of this condition before you are able to. They may notice improper bite, a change in your jaw’s range of motion, or other symptoms through X-rays images. If they detect these side effects, they can help create an effective treatment plan.

Oral appliances can help treat a variety of concerns from bruxism to TMJ. This appliance will be created based on measurements taken of your oral cavity. You will wear this as you sleep to allow your joints to rest. Once your symptoms are under control, you may be able to discuss other restorations with your dentist. For instance, if your teeth have been damaged due to bruxism and TMD, dental crowns or bonding can be done to repair them.

Talk To Our Team To Learn More About Your Options

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