Month: December 2018

Quiz Your Knowledge Of The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is ranked right up there with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as being an iconic character in a child’s world. You may be many years after putting a tooth under your pillow in exchange for some money, but you may still be surprised by some interesting facts about the tooth fairy…. Read more »

Smile For The Health Of It

According to scientific researchers, the physical act of smiling can trigger multiple physiological reflexes in your body. Using the facial muscles to make a smile can trigger your brain to boost your mood and lower your stress hormones. These facts make the old adage, “fake it til you make it” true about smiles. Even if… Read more »

New Year's Resolution: A Healthier Smile

Are you one to make New Year’s Resolutions? If you do make a resolution, do you stick to it or do you give up after a month? It seems normal for many people to give up on a big resolution. However, we have a New Year’s Resolution idea that is good for your smile along… Read more »

Gift Ideas For Promoting A Healthy Smile

If you are the type of person who finishes all of their Christmas shopping in July, you may not need any gift ideas. However, if you still have some gifts to buy, this list may provide some inspiration. We have a list of different types of gifts that can promote a healthy smile. So whether… Read more »