Month: January 2017

Choosing Your Dental Prosthetic

Seeking out a dental prosthetic can help you feel comfortable smiling again, but your benefits extend beyond the cosmetic. A permanent prosthetic can be of use when you bite and chew food, and you can face a lower risk for TMJ problems. Your dentist can offer up a few different options for securing a replacement… Read more »

What Happens If I Have A Problem With My Filling?

A secure dental filling will offset the potential loss of structural integrity that occurs when your dentist removes decay from a tooth. As long as you practice good oral care, have regular dental checkups, and avoid habits that can harm your teeth, you should be able to count on your filling for many years. If… Read more »

Can You Fit A Whitening Treatment Into Your Schedule?

How easily do you think you could add just one more item to your schedule today? What about sometime this week? Scheduling demands vary from person to person, and our own schedules can fluctuate from time to time. If you have been considering a cosmetic dental treatment, it may help to know that your dentist… Read more »

What Dental Bonding Can Do For Your Smile

With the right kind of cosmetic procedure, you can find yourself showing off a smile you are proud to reveal to the world. Receiving cosmetic care can lead to the effective hiding of a range of issues, including discoloration and dental damage. For impressive results in a short order, you can undergo a dental bonding… Read more »