Can You Fit A Whitening Treatment Into Your Schedule?

can-you-fit-a-whitening-treatment-into-your-scheduleHow easily do you think you could add just one more item to your schedule today? What about sometime this week? Scheduling demands vary from person to person, and our own schedules can fluctuate from time to time. If you have been considering a cosmetic dental treatment, it may help to know that your dentist can ensure your treatment can be easy to incorporate into your current obligations. Patients looking for a professional teeth whitening treatment in particular can be impressed by how little time this process can take. You can have your procedure completed in a single visit, or – if it makes things easier for you – you can actually arrange to take the materials home, and perform treatments yourself.

Accommodating Your Needs With In-Office And At-Home Whitening Options

A whitening treatment at your dentist’s office can yield big results with a relatively small time cost. By using a special curing light, your dentist can speed the process at which the whitening agents work, so that you have a bright smile after a single appointment. Whitening your teeth at home can allow you to take up this activity at your convenience. After approximately two weeks of applying whitening gels, you can see results that compare to an in-office whitening.

Learning More About Cosmetic Care From Your Dentist

There is more your dentist can do than just whiten your teeth. Dental bonding can also provide positive esthetic results, often in a single visit. This process utilizes composite resin to cover up discoloration, but you can also rely on it to care for damaged or misshapen teeth. This substance is also used for dental fillings.