Tips To Keep Holiday Smiles Healthy

Tips To Keep Holiday Smiles Healthy The winter season means a lot of different things to different people. For many of us, it means time for family and the joy of the holidays. That time with the family can include traditions of baking cookies or making homemade candy. There are aisles in stores devoted to red and green treats. On top of all the sugary treats dancing in your head, your schedule may be hectic. Parties and gatherings can be time consuming. It can seem like a losing battle to try to keep your smile healthy during this busy time. We have compiled a few tips that may help keep your smile in tip-top shape during the holidays. 

Make Time For Your Routine

When the holidays get busy, it can be easy to skip brushing or flossing your teeth in the morning. Maybe you let the kids fall asleep without brushing or flossing because they tried to stay up waiting to see Santa. With all the sugar bombs around, it is important to remember to keep brushing and flossing. Make it a part of putting on the holiday pajamas. Sing Christmas songs while you try to brush as a fun game. Do whatever you need to do to make sure you stick to your daily routine. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day protects your teeth and gums.

Moderation Is Key

When you are tempted to eat Christmas cookies for dinner, remember to eat some healthy greens or protein. Not only is it healthful for your smile, but it is healthful for your body, too. Try building a “gingerbread” house out of chopped up red and green bell peppers instead of gingerbread. The veggies make good building blocks, and can make a healthy snack.

Rinse With Water

It can be a daunting task to replace cookies with vegetables. It may not work all of the time. When you reach for the sweets, remember to rinse away the harm with a sip of water. If your treat of choice is egg nog or apple cider, water can help the sugars not to stick to your teeth. Water can help keep you hydrated, as well as helping to keep your mouth clear of bacteria.

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