Are You Leaving Yourself Vulnerable To Gum Disease?

How good are you at protecting yourself against the development of gingivitis? To avoid problems with gum disease, you should be in the habit of thoroughly cleaning your teeth at the gum line when you floss and brush. Many people, even those who believe they are doing this effectively, can learn from their dentist that they have symptoms of gingivitis. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we take care to warn patients about these problems and provide help against them. If gum disease is not dealt with properly, an infection can grow more serious. When it does, you can develop lasting problems that require ongoing attention to stop the condition from causing tooth loss and negative changes in your overall health.

Ignoring Your Risk For Gum Disease Can Lead To Long-Term Problems

A person is more likely to lose teeth because of gum disease than because of dental decay or physical trauma. Periodontal infections are the leading cause of this problem, as the bacteria that spread and multiply below the gum line are able to destroy the tissues that hold teeth in position. Gum disease also puts you at risk for general problems, as bacteria can move through the bloodstream and interfere with your health.

Protecting Your Periodontal Health With Smart Daily Habits

On a daily basis, you can stop problems with gingivitis from occurring by effectively cleaning the spaces where your teeth and gums meet. You should do this while brushing as well as while you floss. Ignoring these spaces when you clean your teeth will allow bacteria to start accumulating, which can lead to the buildup of tartar deposits that hurt your oral health. If you worry that you might have issues with gingivitis already, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Problems with gums that bleed easily
  • Issues with gum line recession
  • Tissues that appear to be swollen or discolored

Arranging Regular Checkups To Have Your Teeth And Gums Examined

At regular dental exams, your dentist can determine if you need a dental filling or dental crown for any tooth affected by a cavity. As important as cavity checks are, they are not the only kind of preventive measures offered during checkups. As your smile is evaluated, your dentist will watch for signs of periodontal infection that need to be tended to before your condition worsens. You will also receive helpful feedback about issues with TMJ disorder, and we can discuss treatment if you have a cold sore!

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist’s Office About Your Gum Disease Concerns

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