Thinking About Your Oral Health Over The Holidays

thinking-about-your-oral-health-over-the-holidaysYou may want to spend your holidays forgetting your responsibilities, but unfortunately, you still need to be mindful of your oral health. As we gather to meet with friends and family, and enjoy generous helpings of holiday meals, we can expose our teeth to potentially harmful items. If you are dismissive of your need to protect your teeth from damaging agents, you can raise your risk for a cavity, and find yourself needing a dental filling for a tooth. That being said, being cautious about your consumption of items that are especially high in sugar, or have a texture that could be harmful (think sticky foods, or particularly hard substances), can help you keep your teeth in good shape.

Protect Your Teeth By Paying Attention To What You Consume

Sugar will be consumed by oral bacteria on your teeth, and the resulting digestion of those sugars will lead to the production of harmful acids. As those acids continue to damage your enamel, a cavity can form. Being careful about how much sugar you consume, even on a holiday, can help you prevent a cavity from forming. You should also be careful about items that might stick to your teeth, as bits of food that stay behind on teeth can lead to sustained damage.

Want To Show Off An Improved Smile To Your Family? Your Dentist Can Help

With the right cosmetic dental treatment, you greet your family with a better-looking smile. A teeth whitening treatment from your dentist can do more to improve your smile’s color than store-bought products. If you need to address a problem tooth, a dental bonding treatment can fix a problem tooth in just one visit.