What Happens If You Leave Tooth Loss Unaddressed?

what-happens-if-you-leave-tooth-loss-unaddressedWhat kind of threat does tooth loss really pose to your oral health? The threat it poses to your appearance can depend on where you have missing teeth. If the gap in your smile is harder to see, it can do less harm to your appearance. That being said, there is still a functional concern. Your natural jaw function can be compromised, and you can have a harder time biting and chewing comfortably. Over time, that hindrance to your jaw function can lead to TMJ problems. You also face a greater risk of additional tooth loss if you do not seek a dental prosthetic. You can enjoy permanent prosthetic support when you have a dental implant placed. You also have the option of having a dental bridge set.

Restoring Your Smile Restores Dental Function

Having a permanent prosthetic makes it easier for you to bite, chew, and speak. This reduces the likelihood you will develop TMJ problems, while also improving your appearance. The presence of a restoration will also lower your risk for losing the teeth on either side of a gap in your smile.

Using Dental Implants For Superior Support

Dental implants mimic the sort of support teeth roots offer to your teeth. The implant is permanently placed in your jawbone, which holds your restoration. In addition to improving your regular dental function, and benefiting your appearance, this approach to prosthetic dentistry also protects you from losing bone in your jaw. Without an implant, the area of bone around a lost tooth can begin to deteriorate. While a prosthetic without an implant support cannot stop this, using an implant can spare you from this issue.