How Different Beverages Can Affect Your Oral Health

how different beverages can affect your oral healthDo you put much thought into how your drink will affect your teeth? While beverages do not require the biting and chewing of solid food, they can still impact your oral health in different ways. If you tend to drink items with more sugar, it could lead to a cavity, and leave you seeing your dentist for a filling. Drinking darker beverages may affect how your teeth look. You should remember that these things can be enjoyed in moderation. When you are smart about how much you consume, and take care of your teeth effectively, you face a lower risk of these items causing real problems.

Soft Drinks And Diet Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are often singled out for being particularly high in sugar. This is why they can be such trouble for your teeth. Replacing a soda with something like water can be a good way to expose your teeth to less harm. Diet soft drinks may not have sugar, but they are still acidic enough to make your teeth weaker, and more cavity-prone.

Coffee And Other Dark Beverages

Discoloration can occur if you drink too many dark beverages, like coffee or red wine. In moderation, these can have little effect, but too much could leave you needing a professional teeth whitening. These drinks can also leave stains in porcelain veneers over time.


Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you, and cause you to experience dry mouth. This means you are producing less saliva, which helps keep your teeth cavity-free.


Water with fluoride can actually help keep your teeth strong. Keeping hydrated puts you at less risk for dry mouth. If nothing else, replacing one of the beverages above with water can help you avoid potentially harmful effects.