Can Medication Lead To Cavities?

As you age into your 60’s and onward, you can become more susceptible to cavities than you were just a few years before. Why is this? It could be a side effect of medications you’re taking. How can medication lead to cavities? The medications you might be taking for high blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, pain, or other ailments may cause dry mouth, which can help cause cavities. There are measures you can take to avoid dry mouth and developing cavities at a later age.

Keep Your Mouth Hydrated And Healthy

You should ask your dentist for ways to alleviate your dry mouth. Your dentist can recommend helpful options such as:

  • Stay hydrated. Keep water with you at all times and drink any time you notice your mouth is beginning to become dry.
  • Avoid food and drinks that can dehydrate you such as coffee, soda, and alcohol.
  • Use sugar free gum to stimulate saliva production in your mouth.
  • Ask your doctor about changing your prescribed medication or dosage.
  • Your dentist can apply a topical fluoride gel that strengthens your enamel, the protective layer that surrounds your teeth and combats cavity-causing plaque and tartar.

Besides combating dry mouth and cavities, you should continue to schedule regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist. These visits can allow you and your dentist to catch cavities, infections, and gum disease before they develop into bigger issues. Contact your dentist today and keep your smile as bright and healthy as you are.

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