Keep Your Smile Healthy In Autumn

Keep Your Smile Healthy In AutumnAutumn marks the end of the bathing suit weather of summer and the beginning of the indulgent holiday season. Treats start being passed out at home, work, and school; the season of indulgence usually keeps going until the New Year’s Resolutions kick in. So, with all of these treats abound, how do you keep from pulling a trick on your smile’s health? We have compiled a list of easy tips and reminders to keep you from falling too far down the sugary well. Remember that moderation is key and your smile’s health is important.


For some people, treats are not tempting at all. But for many people, treats are delicious, tempting little devils. Avoid keeping temptations in the house. Store the Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters out of sight. Avoid opening the bag until you need to pass out candy. If you give into treats, balance it out with some a dinner heavy on leafy greens.

Choose Natural

There are plenty of ways to get the taste of fall without succumbing completely to artificial processed treats. Instead of the basic seasonal latte, try putting pumpkin pie spice into your morning coffee. If you do not have pumpkin pie spice, try using just some cinnamon and nutmeg to get that kick of flavor. It saves your mouth from a sugar-overload and it saves your wallet from an outpouring on some pricey coffee. Apples and pears are in season. They are both great baked with a simple sprinkling of seasonal spices. It is a healthy treat that also makes your home smell festive during the baking.

Water Is Your Friend

Drinking water is a great way to keep saliva flowing in your mouth. Both saliva and water rinse away harmful bacteria and leftover foods from your mouth. Drinking water after giving into a treat is a great way to minimize the damage.

Keep Up Your Routine

Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is still super important. It is also important to keep your twice-a-year visits to your dentist even when your schedule is busy with holidays.

Your smile can stay healthy this fall.

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