Sheridan Dentist Goes Deeper with Dental Cleanings

Smile Green EyesMost people are great about their daily hygiene. You are likely to take a daily shower or bath, wash your face before bed, brush or comb your hair. Many people don’t brush and floss the recommended twice-a-day, but their dental hygiene is still certainly a part of daily life. Regular dental cleanings are an essential part of preventive dental care that can be neglected, unfortunately. Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, would like to reiterate the importance of giving your dental hygienist an opportunity to go deeper with your oral hygiene.

It Takes a Village

Your routine dental checkup and cleaning will include several facets, including a thorough examination by Dr. Coon for tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Your dental hygienist will be the person you probably spend the most time with at your dental cleanings, however. Professional tools will be used remove dental plaque and tartar buildup that can be very detrimental to the health of your teeth and gums. Even if you keep up with stellar brushing and flossing habits, you are likely to miss some nooks and crannies in your mouth. Biannual dental cleanings are the best way to control the bacterial population in your mouth and ensure your teeth and gums remain infection free.

Deep Cleaning Options

When plaque accumulates at your gumline, bacteria can irritate and infect your gingival tissue, creating gum tissue inflammation. Gums might begin to recede (pull away) from your teeth. Periodontal pockets develop when gum disease becomes severe (periodontitis). A deep cleaning may be recommended with advanced periodontal disease to clean the plaque and bacteria from underneath your gumline and inside periodontal pockets. A higher level of cleaning like this is called root planning and scaling. For additional periodontal protection, Dr. Coon may recommend something called the Perio Protect® system. This includes custom-fitted trays that you wear to help manage bacterial colonies that are trying to damage your gum tissues.

Comprehensive Dental Cleaning in Sheridan

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