Sheridan Family Dentist Describes Details of Dental Plaque

Family PhotoThe dental needs of adults and children may have some differences, but there is one thing bound to be in common with patients of all ages: plaque. When you go in for your dental checkups, plaque (and the hardened version which is known as tartar, or calculus) will be scraped from your teeth. Leave it to fester, and you are likely to have some dental issues as a result – namely tooth decay and gum disease. Sheridan family dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, is determined to keep you and your family as plaque free as possible.

 Dental Plaque Defined

If you want to wrap your mind around exactly what dental plaque is, you need to know how it forms. Your mouth is home to hundreds of different types of germs. Within the eco-system of your mouth, there are both harmless and harmful bacteria. One particular strain of oral bacteria are Streptococcus mutans. These germs consume sugar to create the by-product of lactic acid. Then they mix with that acid and any food debris in your mouth to create plaque. This biofilm is extremely sticky. But why?
A Tangled Web
Just like a spider weaves a sticky web to trap prey, germs produce sticky plaque for their own evils inside your mouth. Treponema denticola are bacteria that join with S. mutans to create the biofilm of plaque. Because of the sticky texture, bacteria within plaque are able to better adhere to the surfaces of your teeth and at your gumline, causing infection. Since plaque will consistently form in your mouth every time you eat and drink and especially if you ignore your dental hygiene, it’s very important that you visit your Sheridan family dentist every six months. Proper oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings will provide the one-two punch your mouth needs to remain as plaque free as possible.
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