The Importance of Saliva Production in your Mouth

Happy GuySpitting is considered to be a fairly disgusting habit, but it’s also second nature. While you may not want to see someone spitting out in public, don’t forget that you spit every single day – when you brush your teeth. When you go in for your biannual dental checkup, you are usually asked to spit by your dental hygienist at various points during your cleaning. When you do spit, it’s usually a mixture of whatever you have in your mouth and saliva. Your saliva moistens dry food that you consume, and keeps your mouth and throat comfortably moistened. Saliva even protects you from tooth decay and bad breath issues, which can also be helped by Sheridan family dentist, Dr. Donald Coon.

Your Saliva

You have six major salivary glands and hundreds of minor ones. Your salivary glands reside near the front of your teeth, in the bottom of your mouth, as well as inside your cheeks. A mouth without these glands would be as dry as a desert. Your body works hard to produce an astonishing four pints of saliva every day. People without adequate saliva can suffer from a multitude of unpleasant side effects, including halitosis (chronic bad breath).

More About Dry Mouth

You require the lubrication from saliva in order to properly chew, break down, and swallow your food comfortably. Dry mouth can take all of the fun out of eating, and even be a choking hazard. After you’ve consumed a meal, the clear liquid in your mouth acts as a sort of shower, cleaning your mouth oral cavity of food particles and bacteria. This hinders plaque production and reduces your risk of cavities. When you lack sufficient saliva, you may have a condition called dry mouth which helps germs breed and gives you an unpleasant feeling in your mouth. Dry mouth can be exacerbated by tobacco use, certain diseases (such as diabetes and Parkinson’s), various medications, or dehydration. Maintaining good oral health should include drinking plenty of water so that your salivary glands are on point.

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