Fluoride Facts for Parents and Children

Fluoride is a well-known as a preventive tool in dental hygiene. Infused into daily-use products like toothpaste and mouthwash, fluoride strengthens teeth and protects against cavities. Sheridan family dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, can offer you valuable information about the compound that helps keep you and your family’s teeth healthy: fluoride.

All About Fluoride

Smiling FamilyFluoride is a naturally occurring element found in water and air. Water fluoridation has become one of the most common ways to keep fluoride in regular contact with our teeth. Community water fluoridation is practiced all over the world. Many neighborhoods have had access to fluoridated water sources since the practice became popularized in the 1940s.

Giving Kids a Dental Leg Up

Primary teeth (baby teeth) might fall out naturally, but they shouldn’t be considered disposable. Whether teeth are still in the primary stage or your child has already grown in some of their permanent teeth, if they don’t brush and floss regularly, tooth decay is likely. Years could pass before a decaying baby tooth falls out on its own. Infection can spread in the meantime, or your little one could end up in increasing discomfort. Fillings or other more invasive procedures like crowns, root canals, or extractions might end up being necessary. This can set a child up for a lifetime of unnecessary dental anxiety. Fluoride treatments at preventive dental checkups will help keep your child’s teeth much stronger and healthier.

What About Fluorosis?

When it comes to a compound such as fluoride, a balance needs to be struck. Otherwise, a condition called fluorosis can occur in kids under the age of six. Children should never be exposed to an over-abundance of fluoride. Fluorosis presents as a discoloration of the tooth enamel in newly erupting teeth. A great deal of fluoride will have to be ingested for this to occur. To err on the side of caution, toothpaste, mouthwash, or other fluoridated products should be kept well out of reach of children. Supervising your child when they brush their teeth, and making sure they spit well, can also help prevent fluorosis.

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