Do You Know What To Do After A Dental Emergency?

do you know what to do after a dental emergencyIf you injured a tooth in an accident today, would you know what to do? Many people know part of how they should respond – avoid touching the root, do not dry or wash the tooth, replace it in the socket if possible. However, this is far from the only relevant information. What should you do about an injury where your tooth stays intact? How should you respond if the tooth cannot be replaced? You may need to fit a tooth with a dental crown, or acquire a prosthetic tooth. Knowing what to do after a dental emergency has occurred can help you return your oral health to good standing.

True Or False: An Injured Tooth May Require A Root Canal

True! Many people equate root canals with cavities, but they can also treat injured teeth. If the interior of your tooth is exposed after injury, you will need a root canal to clear away any infection that might have infiltrated the tooth.

True Or False: A Tooth Can Change Its Color After Physical Trauma

True! In some cases, a tooth will respond to injury by producing more layers of dentin, which is darker than your enamel. Dental bonding can cover this discoloration.

True Or False: A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out Can Always Be Reinserted

False! If your dentist is unable to replace the lost tooth, you can receive a prosthetic like a dental bridge, which is held between crowns on the neighboring teeth.

True Or False: A Dental Crown Is The Only Way To Cover A Tooth That Is Chipped Or Cracked

False! If these signs of trauma are superficial, your dentist may be able to address the problem with dental bonding and contouring.