Find The Whitening Treatment That Works Best For Your Teeth

find the right whitening treatment for your teethA professional teeth whitening from your dentist will go beyond the limited effects of over-the-counter products to yield a significantly brighter smile. However, there are different types of tooth discoloration, and not every type will respond equally well to conventional whitening agents. Other cosmetic treatments can improve your tooth color without relying on these agents. If you are unsure if teeth whitening will satisfy your needs, you can work with your dentist to determine what the best method for whitening them will be.

Why Cosmetic Whitening Does Not Work For Everyone

Whitening agents attack stains that have been left in your tooth enamel by foods, drinks, and products like tobacco. Unfortunately, there are other ways your teeth can become discolored that do not react as favorably to these agents.

Dental Bonding Can Cover Damage Discoloration

One form of discoloration that can affect your teeth is when a tooth darkens after injury. This happens when the dentin layer under your enamel responds to trauma by producing more layers, which are darker than your enamel. Dental bonding can coat the affected tooth with a composite resin material that your dentist can make match the color of surrounding teeth. Bonding can also hide small cracks and chips from an injury.

The Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

Many people will opt for porcelain veneers in order to dramatically reinvent and improve their smile. Veneers are specially crafted to fit your teeth, and cover them with a semi-translucent shell that looks like straight, healthy teeth. Veneers can cover up forms of discoloration that are not sufficiently affected by whitening gels.