How Do Lasers Help With Cold Sore Treatment?

How Do Lasers Help With Cold Sore Treatment?Your oral health is not limited to what is inside your mouth. Your dentist can help you with your teeth and gums, but the outside of your mouth can be treated, too. The weather of fall and winter can be a trigger for cold sore breakouts. The dry weather outside and the dry heat inside from heaters can dry your lips to create a good environment for cold sores to erupt. Cold sores can be irritating and painful. They can also be unsightly, which can lead you to feeling insecure and less confident out in the world. While the virus that causes cold sores may never go away, you can effectively treat the outbreak of cold sores with laser technology. Your dentist in Sheridan, WY, can help you to find relief from your cold sore breakouts. 

Spot Treatment

Laser technology can get to the root of a cold sore by heating up a controlled, specified area. The channeled heat from the laser kills the virus at the root of the cold sore; it also triggers your body to heal the area. Using laser technology on an existing cold sore can induce faster healing than traditional treatments like ointments, creams, or pills. The treatment itself is very quick and usually requires no form of anesthesia. Relief is usually immediate after laser treatment. Rather than allowing a cold sore to fully erupt, blister, break with leakage, and scab over, laser treatment can reduce this process altogether.

Treating Before It Appears

Laser cold sore treatment can also be done before a cold sore fully erupts. The treatment can prevent the cold sore from ever fully erupting. Laser technology done in one area can reduce the likelihood of a cold sore erupting in that same spot. Over time, there may be a reduction of breakouts and the cold sores that do erupt may be smaller, less painful, and last a shorter amount of time.

Do you need help with cold sore breakouts?

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