Using Invisalign To See Smile Improvements

As long as you can see your issues with poorly aligned teeth, you can have a hard time feeling confident in your appearance. The presence of gaps and overlaps can interfere with smile symmetry, creating an unwanted issue with the way you look that you want to put behind you. What you should know is that putting these problems behind you can be easier than you realize, as you may be able to move forward with Invisalign treatment. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can provide Invisalign as a treatment option for many of our patients. With these clear aligners, you can move teeth that currently look awkwardly out of place without having to wear metal braces that can feel distracting and difficult to adjust to. (more…)

Tell Your Dentist That You Want Whiter Teeth

As long as you feel self-conscious about the color of your smile, it can be difficult to feel confidence in your general appearance. Unfortunately, there are many products that stain teeth, which means it can be hard for you to completely avoid changes in the color of your enamel. When this concern over discoloration hurts your confidence, you can talk to your Sheridan, WY dentist about services that can improve the way you look. We can offer two different approaches to whitening treatment, which can make it easier for you to arrange care that suits your schedule and fits your needs.

Lasting Treatment Solutions For Tooth Loss

Once you lose a tooth, it can feel as if your smile and oral health will be changed forever. This is certainly a serious problem, one that can create worsening issues over time if it is not dealt with. However, it is not an issue that you are helpless against, as the right prosthetic appliance can offer many benefits! At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can recommend that you use either a dental bridge or dental implant-held restoration to close the gap in your smile left by tooth loss. Through the use of these appliances, we can give you back important bite support and improve your smile. With an implant, we can even preserve the health of your jawbone, which can lose mass over time after losing out on stimulation from lost teeth roots. (more…)

Appliance Therapy For Persistent Jaw Pain

As you find it increasingly hard to avoid problems with jaw pain and stiffness, you can have some understandable questions about why the issue affects you, and how you can put a stop to it. When you have these kinds of issues, it can point to problems with the alignment of your jaw, as well as with growing stress on the joints and muscles. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can provide effective solutions that lead to reduced aches and pains, along with improvements in the alignment and movement of your jaw. Appliance therapy can help you by changing the position of your jaw over time, leading to more comfort and fewer difficulties with bite stress. (more…)

Worried About Post-Holiday Cavities?

Are you more likely to have oral health problems after celebrating the holidays? At this time of year, we can do more traveling and enjoy an array of richer dishes and desserts, which can interfere with our typical approach to oral health and create real smile problems. In other words, some people can wind up with cavities after the holidays, which means they will need restorative dental work. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office can take care of you if you have problems with tooth decay. With that said, we can also provide the kind of preventive support that makes you less likely to need these services at this or any other time of year! (more…)

How CEREC Crowns Take Care Of Teeth

When your dentist takes care of active oral health problems, can you expect treatment to preserve your smile as well as your oral health? Can you count on your procedure to only take a short time? Because our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office uses CEREC technology to produce same-day crowns, we can make restorative work surprisingly convenient even if you have a more serious problem, and we can preserve your appearance. CEREC crowns are made of a strong and lifelike ceramic material, and they are designed using digital measurements of your teeth to make sure they are the right shape and size to stay secure and comfortable. (more…)

Completing Cavity Treatment With A Filling

In order to fully treat someone who has a cavity, our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office will need to address the permanent damage to the patient’s enamel. Unfortunately, even a small cavity does irreversible harm to your tooth structure, which is why the placement of a filling or crown must occur. The good news is that both options for treatment can preserve your smile as well as your oral health. Our lifelike dental fillings are able to bond to your surrounding tooth structure and protect it while also matching the look of the surrounding enamel. As a result, you have lasting cosmetic as well as oral health support! (more…)

What Can My Dentist Do For My Cold Sore?

While it would be hard to define a “good” time to have a cold sore develop, the formation of one at this time, when the holidays are approaching, can be especially frustrating. With that said, this is a problem that can affect more than just your confidence in how you look. These sores can cause discomfort when they are present, and they can potentially become infected. To make sure that the problem is properly treated, you can talk to your Sheridan, WY dentist about laser treatment. The use of laser tools to treat cold sores can stop them from fully erupting, it can shorten your recovery time, and it can even make a reoccurrence in the same spot less likely. (more…)

The Improvements Porcelain Veneers Provide

People are motivated to talk with their dentist about cosmetic treatment for many reasons. For some, the goal will be to take on not one but several issues with their appearance. Fortunately, this can still only call for a single procedure. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can discuss the benefits to pursuing care with porcelain veneers! Through the use of these slim restorations, we can help you put an end to concerns about problems like discoloration, dental damage, embarrassing gaps or overlaps between teeth, and more. In the span of only two appointments, you can see remarkable changes to your smile, and you can count on those changes to last! (more…)

Planning Cosmetic Work On A Single Tooth

If just one flawed tooth stands between you and your smile, you should know that your Sheridan, WY dentist’s office can help you fix this issue and show off a more attractive appearance after just one appointment! At our practice, we provide multiple cosmetic treatments. To change the shape, size, and color of a tooth that stands out, or to hide flaws from a dental injury, we can provide tooth bonding treatment. This is a service that does not call for the creation and placement of a permanent restoration, so this work can be conservative as well as convenient. (more…)