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Crooked Teeth And Cavities

Crooked teeth can adversely affect the appearance of your smile, but their effect is not just cosmetic. They can leave certain parts of your teeth less accessible when you brush, which makes those hard-to-reach areas more susceptible to developing cavities. If your teeth are misaligned, but you are apprehensive about receiving braces, you could benefit… Read more »

How Well Do You Qualify for Invisalign Treatment?

There’s often a lot that goes into qualifying for a treatment, which can cause patients to feel hesitant or nervous. When it comes to straightening your teeth with Invisalign treatment, we encourage you to ask your questions. It’s quite easy to assume that the clear aligner trays will not offer adequate treatment to improve your… Read more »

How Invisalign May Work For You

You may have some idea of what to expect from Invisalign treatment. For instance, you may know that it does not rely on the use of brackets and wires like traditional braces. However, we often find that patients’ knowledge about this orthodontic treatment tends to stop there. Fortunately, Invisalign can offer patients a long list… Read more »

The Many Benefits of A Straight Smile

If you are considering clear braces as an adult, you may give yourself a bit of a hard time regarding your final decision. We find that patients love the benefits offered by Invisalign but often wonder whether making a cosmetic improvement to their smile is really necessary. When it comes to aligning your smile and… Read more »

About Your Invisalign Treatment

Have you decided that you are ready to wear clear braces for a straighter, more beautiful smile? If so, you are probably well informed on the many benefits of Invisalign treatment. In addition to wearing thin, clear, plastic trays that most people will not even notice, you can take them out during the day to… Read more »

Invisalign: True-Or-False Quiz

Do you tire of looking at the beautiful, uniform smiles around you while you hide your own smile? Your smile can light up a room and make you feel wonderful about your appearance. Or, it can cause you to shy away from certain situations like social events. If part of your concern in seeking out cosmetic orthodontic care… Read more »

Clear Braces Straighten Teeth with Peace of Mind

Even someone who you see as having perfect teeth may harbor personal issues with their smile. None of us is entirely without flaws. However, severely crooked teeth may require orthodontic treatment to avoid complications such as jaw issues or impossible dental hygiene. Some patients are fortunate enough to qualify for a type of innovative orthodontics… Read more »

Sheridan WY Dentist Explains Why Professionals Should Consider Adult Braces

When it comes to maintaining professionalism at a job, image and confidence are major factors. Thus, professionals may be hesitant about straightening their teeth, even if they are unhappy with the alignment of them. The potential for embarrassment is simply too great when it comes to metal wires and brackets. There is, however, another option…. Read more »

Sheridan WY Dentist Looks at Three Benefits of Clear Braces

Is the potential embarrassment of wearing wires and brackets keeping you from pursuing your dream of straighter teeth? If so, you may be interested to learn that there is a method of teeth straightening that does away with wires and brackets altogether. To learn more about these wireless clear braces, read below as your Sheridan… Read more »

Sheridan Dentists Explain the Science Behind Invisalign Clear Braces

The obvious effects of crooked teeth can significantly diminish your confidence, but if your goal is to improve your smile, then metal braces may not seem very appealing. Nevertheless, straightening your teeth is important for more reasons than just your cosmetic sensibilities; crooked teeth can also inhibit your mouth’s proper function and facilitate poor dental… Read more »