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Comprehensive Restorative & Cosmetic Dentists in Sheridan

At Grinnell Street Dental, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive dental care to you and your family. From correcting crooked teeth to brightening a yellowed smile, our dental services address many cosmetic and restorative dental concerns. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, give Dad the gift of knowing that his family’s oral health is… Read more »

Dental Implant FAQs

Why is replacing a missing tooth important? Missing teeth create a domino effect of oral health problems. All of your teeth are placeholders in your smile. Each tooth has a specific function and is shaped and located specifically for that purpose. When the tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can become unstable in their positions…. Read more »

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Smile (and a Healthy Body)

The month of March is National Nutrition Month, and the 2012 National Nutrition Month theme is Get Your Plate in Shape. As the month of March comes to a close, Sheridan dentists Dr. Donald Coon, Dr. Cody Coon, and Dr. Justin Coon urge you to get your own plate in shape to achieve optimal oral… Read more »

All About Dental Bridges from Your Sheridan Dentist

Do you have missing teeth that force you to hide your smile due to embarrassment? Have your surrounding teeth shifted to compensate for the missing teeth and now your smile and bite are misaligned? If so, Sheridan dentists Dr. Cody Coon, Dr. Justin Coon, and Dr. Donald Coon have a conservative and powerful solution for… Read more »

Quiz: Do You Need Dental Implants?

If you’re one of the 69% of adults who have lost one or more teeth, dental implant research should be on your to-do list. The more you know about oral health and treatment options, the better you’ll feel about making decisions at the dentist’s office. This short quiz will help you decide whether it’s time for a dental implant consultation at Grinnell Street Dental.