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Does Your Smile Need A Complete Overhaul?

Have you been living with a less than optimal smile your whole life? Does restoring your oral health require more than just a crown or filling can accomplish? If your mouth has suffered extensive damage and needs a complete overhaul, your dentist can provide you with full-mouth rehabilitation. Full-mouth rehabilitation can repair and improve your… Read more »

Committing To A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

When is it time to consider a full-mouth rehabilitation? If you have several problems that you need to address, one treatment can fall short of your real oral health needs. Your dentist can break down what it will take to bring your smile back to good condition. This can involve working on the health of… Read more »

Quiz: Receiving A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

A full-mouth rehabilitation can be arranged through your dentist if you have serious work that needs to be done on your teeth. This is a process that can take time, and multiple treatments, but it can result in you having your oral health fully restored. The course of your rehabilitation will depend on the current… Read more »

Planning A Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

If you have simultaneous issues with several teeth, one treatment may not be the solution for all of your dental needs. Full-mouth rehabilitation is a course of treatments that aims to bring your oral health to good standing. It can be a combination of restorative work, cosmetic procedures, and prosthetic dentistry. Essentially, it is a… Read more »

Unaddressed Tooth Loss Can Complicate Your Oral Health

Just one lost tooth is all it takes to compromise everyday habits like eating and speaking. If you are missing a tooth, it can force you to adjust how you chew your food. It may also cause you to be self-conscious and try to avoid exposing the absence when you speak or smile. An absence… Read more »

A New Smile For The New Year, With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

No single treatment may be enough to correct your oral health problems. If your teeth have developed significant issues, you may need a range of treatments to fully restore them. With full mouth rehabilitation, your dentist can perform a thorough inspection of your ongoing oral health issues, and create a plan to provide you with… Read more »

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Options

Some people only need tooth whitening or maybe some composite dental bonding to rejuvenate their smile. However, if you’ve experienced trauma to your dentition, or your teeth and gums are in bad shape for whatever reason, you may need a complete restoration. A full-mouth rehabilitation isn’t only to improve looks. It is also to restore… Read more »

Do You Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Do you find that you feel overwhelmed by the current health, appearance, and structural condition of your smile? Have you considered seeking dental care but assume your problems are simply too complex or that your health is in too great a need of repair? Rather than making assumptions, we invite you to consider the comprehensive… Read more »