Placing A Lifelike Dental Bridge

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When you have lost a tooth, or several in a row, then you need a prosthetic to offer a complete smile. With our dental bridges, we can offer a custom option that not only feels comfortable, but looks good too. In today’s blog, your Sheridan, WY, dentist talks about how we create and place our ceramic dental bridges.

When You Need a Prosthetic

You need a prosthetic the moment you lose a tooth. Even minor tooth loss could mean serious problems for your smile down the road. For example, surrounding teeth could begin to drift from position, leading to misalignment that further impacts the health and appearance of your smile. The impacts to your bite’s balance due to missing teeth could strain the jaw joints, so TMJ disorder and even bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) could develop. You may also have issues eating and speaking clearly and could feel embarrassed about your appearance. With a bridge, you can avoid these complications and enjoy a complete smile!

Creating and Placing Them in One Visit

With CAD/CAM technology, we don’t need several visits to address your missing teeth. Instead, we can create and secure a prosthetic in only one. To begin, we will need to remove structure from one or both of the teeth on each side of the gap. We numb the teeth beforehand to keep you comfortable. Next, we take detailed digital images of these prepared teeth and your smile as a while, which we use to create a 3D computer impression. The impression enables our team to design your dental bridge in detail. The information is then uploaded to an onsite milling machine, which creates the finished product from a solid block of ceramic. When the prosthetic is completed, we attach the ridged to the prepared teeth, anchoring your new ones firmly in place!

The Benefits of Dental New Teeth

We will color match the finished product to ensure it blends with your smiles seamlessly. The bridge will be designed to preserve bite balance too, so you avoid issues like TMJ disorder or bruxism. You avoid misalignment as filling the gap keeps nearby teeth in place. You will be able to smile with confidence and eat your favorite foods again, and the prosthetic can last as long as 10 to 15 years on average. They’re easy to clean as well!

If you have any questions about how we treat missing teeth with a custom dental bridge, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Replacing Missing Teeth

Our team wants to help you enjoy lifelike replacement for your missing teeth. To find out how we offer prosthetics that look natural, then reach out to Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY at 307-672-7567.