Using A Filling To Restore An Unhealthy Tooth

When you make good daily oral hygiene a priority, and you take care to see your dentist for preventive care, you can keep your dental enamel strong and healthy. Unfortunately, even people who are dedicated to good habits find themselves in need of treatment for decay! Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office can take care of you if you find yourself in this situation. One option we have for restoring your smile will call for the placement of a custom, tooth-colored dental filling. After it has been put in place, your filling can provide support that lets you bite and chew without difficulties. You can be relieved to see that the filling is discreet enough to avoid notice, even if it is in a prominent space.

Make Treatment A Priority If You Have A Cavity

When it comes to treating cavities, putting off dental work can lead to more problems. Your cavity will keep growing until you have the decayed tissues removed, and your tooth restored. After too much damage occurs, you will not be able to restore your smile with a custom filling. A larger restoration means more involved treatment, as well as the loss of more of your tooth structure. Regular dental exams will help you avoid problems with advanced decay, as your dentist can actually spot trouble before you start to experience the symptoms of decay.

Receiving Your Tooth-Colored Filling

A tooth-colored filling made from composite resin can imitate your enamel and actually bond to the surface of your tooth. The filling is placed after your dentist removes decayed tissue at the site of your cavity. This treatment approach can be completed in just one appointment, which reduces the time you have to wait for your oral health issues to be fully resolved.

Addressing Problems With Crowns

What happens to your tooth when a filling cannot support it? A custom dental crown will provide more support and coverage by completely surrounding the tooth. At our practice, we can actually supply custom-made crowns in as little as one appointment. Thanks to the CEREC technology in our office, we are capable of resolving problems with custom restorations that are made on-site. Because other practices often have to rely on third party labs for their restorations, you can find that we are able to fully resolve problems with your smile in less time!

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist To Receive A Tooth-Colored Filling

With a tooth-colored filling, you can count on permanent support for your tooth after a cavity forms. We can provide treatment to preserve your smile and oral health and prevent complications. To find out more about our restorative services, or to discuss other matters that concern your smile, please call Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY at 307-672-7567.