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The Essential Role Of Dental Implants

Missing even just one tooth can affect the way you look, eat, and even the way that you talk. It can also leave your remaining teeth vulnerable to movement or loss. Losing teeth can lead to a loss of bone density in your jaw, which can have a negative affect on your smile’s health. Replacing… Read more »

The Importance Of Implants

Losing even just one tooth can have detrimental impacts on your oral health. Not only does a missing tooth cause a void in the appearance of your smile, but it can limit your chewing, biting, and speaking abilities. More detrimental though is the effect that a missing tooth has on your jaw bone. A missing… Read more »

Choosing Between A Dental Bridge And A Dental Implant

When it comes to addressing tooth loss, one choice is clear – you gain functional and cosmetic benefits from seeking out a dental prosthetic. However, your choice beyond the decision to have a prosthetic can become more challenging. One option available to you is a dental bridge. The bridge is held so firmly that it… Read more »

Dental Implants Keep Replacement Teeth Secure

Missing one or several teeth can affect the way you eat, and the way you talk. It can also leave teeth surrounding the absence vulnerable to loss. There are several ways in which lost teeth can complicate your life, beyond how it can affect your confidence in your smile. Dental implants can replace unsightly absences… Read more »

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

For people who have lost some or all of their teeth to decay, gum disease, or injury, false teeth mean all the difference in the world. False teeth, or dental prosthetics as they’re known clinically, serve the same purpose as other types of prosthetics, like an artificial limb: they replace the function and appearance of… Read more »

3 Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss isn’t pretty, for many reasons. Not only do missing teeth make your smile look incomplete, unattractive, and unhealthy, they can actually have a serious negative impact on your oral health and your general health. In fact, current research suggests a close link between missing teeth and a range of serious health problems like… Read more »

Do You Make A Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Interested in dental implants to replace your missing teeth? We find your decision to be a very smart one – implants offer a long list of wonderful benefits as well as long-term wear. You will enjoy exceptional stability that you cannot receive from any other dental prosthetic. With this in mind, you may find yourself… Read more »

Dental Implants: The Essentials

Do you have open spaces in your smile? If so, you are likely all too familiar with the myriad of uncomfortable and frustrating side effects that accompany tooth loss. For this reason alone, seeking an option to restore your smile is extremely important. Dealing with daily trouble with chewing and speaking does not make for… Read more »

Dental Implant True-or-False Quiz

We have discussed the basics of dental implants and facial collapse in many of our past blogs. Were you paying attention? Sheridan dentists, Dr. Cody Coon, Dr. Justin Coon, and Dr. Donald Coon, would like to challenge you to a quiz on dental implants. Questions Q1. True or false – Dental implants are only for… Read more »

Dental Implants Over Time

Are you missing any teeth? Or do you already have dental implants in your mouth? As the leading tooth replacement option of modern times, it may seem to you that dental implants are a somewhat recent technological advancement. Believe it or not, the first dental implants actually date back more than 1,300 years. Of course, the… Read more »