Getting Started With Invisalign

Sheridan, WY, dentist offers Invisalign treatment

Having an uneven smile can cause problems for your self-esteem as well as your oral health. If you are an adult looking to fix crooked or overcrowded teeth, Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY, offers Invisalign as a discreet option to achieve this. This process can adjust your teeth into proper placement, help your smile appear symmetrical, and may be able to improve your dental hygiene.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

It is important to understand the type of misalignment you are facing before it can be treated. In some cases, your genetics may play a role in how your teeth or jaw are set. Other factors, such as impacted teeth, accidents, and certain habits, may affect this as well. If you sucked your thumb as a kid or used a bottle for a prolonged time, it may have impacted the development of your teeth. Premature tooth loss due to accidents may also change the way your pearly whites grow. Malocclusion may also be due to genetics or environmental factors and can affect the way that your jaw sits.

How Invisalign Compares To Braces

Invisalign is a popular treatment method that uses clear trays instead of metal brackets and wires to straighten your smile. This option may be more desirable for older teenage to adult patients who want to correct the appearance of your smile. It is nearly indetectable to others and may be more comfortable than traditional braces. You will wear the discreet trays all day, every day, with the exception of removing them for meals or your oral hygiene routine.

Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires to shift your teeth into place. While this is an effective method, it can cause minor discomfort and is highly apparent in your smile. This option is often used for younger patients because the orthodontist will closely monitor it. Invisalign is monitored by your dentist, but you will be responsible for wearing your trays and changing to the next set when necessary. This discreet method can treat a variety of gapping or crowding concerns.

Starting The Process

You will first need a consultation with your dentist to ensure that this method will effectively treat your concerns. If you are approved for this, impressions will be taken of your oral cavity to create your custom trays. You will wear these for the majority of the day and will be instructed on when to move on to the next set. The treatment time will vary from each patient, but on average may take around one to one and a half years. During your consultation, your dentist may be able to estimate this time. If you need to correct several problems throughout your smile, you may be able to discuss a full-mouth restoration plan.

Learn More About This Treatment

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