How Can I Remove Stubborn Enamel Stains?

As you pick up enamel stains over time, you can grow unhappy with your appearance whenever you smile and speak. Trying to fight the accumulation of stains on your own can prove frustrating, as it can be hard to find the right resources to effectively whiten your teeth. Fortunately, you do not have to feel trapped with a smile that makes you self-conscious. You can instead talk with your Sheridan, WY dentist about the benefits of professional whitening treatment. Both in-office services and the option to take home a professional whitening kit are available to you. With the right approach, you can feel stunned at how much good your procedure can do!

Why Teeth Stains Are Often Hard To Treat On Your Own

Teeth stains can be tough for you to remove when you attempt smile care on your own. This is because the options for whitening your smile can be limited when it comes to over the counter treatments. While these products can offer some benefits, they can fall short of making the improvements that you really want to see. Instead of taking this approach, you can talk to your dentist about arranging a professional treatment in the office, or you can take home a more potent whitening treatment to use from the comfort of your home.

Plan A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

You can plan a professional whitening procedure in our office, or you can take home a kit that we customize for your personal use. Take-home kits contain effective bleaching agents and trays to help with their application. Over the course of a recommended number of days, you will gradually fight discoloration through treatments that remove the accumulated particles that had built up on your teeth. For those who want to see their results in the shortest time possible, we do offer the option of coming in for a one-visit procedure to break apart stains. We can activate the effects of whitening gels so that you see the improvements you want in just a short time!

What Else Can Cosmetic Work Do For Your Appearance?

The right approach to fighting dental discoloration may not call for a whitening treatment, as what you need to address can actually be a problem with intrinsic discoloration. To treat this issue, we can recommend services such as dental bonding work or the placement of porcelain veneers.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Treatment For Tough Enamel Stains

If you are self-conscious about your smile because your teeth are stained, you should know that our practice is here to provide support. Through the right cosmetic service, you can see remarkable changes to your appearance that give you a renewed sense of confidence. If you would like to discuss teeth whitening treatment with us, or if there is any other matter concerning your smile that we can help you address, reach out to Grinnell Street Dental at our location in Sheridan, WY at 307-672-7567.