Fully Responding To Dental Decay

If you have a problem with dental decay, the proper treatment can offer many forms of support. This is important for fully addressing the impact of a cavity, which does permanent damage to your tooth structure. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we can provide treatment with both dental fillings and dental crowns. Both options manage to protect vulnerable teeth and also preserve your appearance. If you want to lower your risk for tooth decay and the complications that can occur, you can look to our practice for support by visiting for routine dental exams and cleanings.

A Cavity Will Do Permanent Damage To Your Tooth Structure

Even if you have a cavity spotted and treated early, it will do damage that needs to be treated with a restoration. You have more to worry about than just the formation of damage, as a cavity will keep growing and spreading, doing more damage to your tooth structure. Your goal should be to prevent dental decay, but when the problem arises, you should seek treatment as soon as possible to limit the harm.

Fully Treating Your Tooth Without Changing Your Smile

Both our dental fillings and dental crowns are capable of matching your enamel. Because of this, you can respond to a problem without worrying that your smile will be permanently altered. A dental filling is your most conservative treatment option, as it will leave your surrounding tooth structure unchanged. The resin material that we use to treat patients is applied directly to the site of decay, where it will bond with your enamel to provide lasting stability. If you need a dental crown, you will have your tooth surrounded by a restoration. Because we have CEREC technology, we can provide that coverage in as little as one appointment.

Keeping Up With Smile Care After Restorative Work

With a combination of in-office services and your daily routine, you can avoid future problems with your smile. These visits can provide helpful updates about the state of fillings or crowns that have already been placed. While they are strong enough to maintain their shape and condition through the years, better smile care can help preserve them. Your routine visits also provide detailed cleanings that remove tartar buildup that can make you vulnerable to problems.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Treating Dental Decay

The right treatment for dental decay is important, as a cavity leaves you with permanent damage. Your issues with your smile can be addressed with a lifelike filling or crown at our Sheridan dental office. In addition to providing this care, we can supply support in the form of regular preventive care. If you would like to learn more or book an appointment, please reach out to Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY at 307-672-7567.