Smart Tips For People Who Want To Avoid Tartar Buildup

The accumulation of tartar is a problem because it leaves you with concentrations of oral bacteria that you cannot remove on your own. Until you undergo your next professional teeth cleaning, any buildup of tartar on your teeth can continue to make you vulnerable to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. The good news is that teeth cleanings are a part of the regular preventive services offered during dental checkups. With that said, you should do your part to prevent tartar buildup so that you are less likely to need treatment for cavities or help with gum disease at your next appointment. In addition to caring for you during a checkup, your Sheridan, WY dentist is happy to discuss routine changes that better protect you against tartar accumulation.

You Cannot Remove Tartar On Your Own

It is important to note that you cannot remove tartar yourself when you brush and floss. This is one reason why consistency matters when it comes to your oral hygiene routine. Simply put, a “short” break in your regular brushing and flossing sessions means you are more likely to let plaque build up and harden. In addition to being consistent about when you brush and floss, be consistent with how thorough you are at caring for your smile. Those harder to reach areas can be more likely to have tartar accumulate on them!

Oral Hygiene Practices You Should Follow

If you want to avoid tartar buildup and other problems, make sure that you look out for common mistakes in your oral care routine. Those mistakes include inconsistent flossing – if you only floss to remove food stuck in your teeth, you leave the spaces between teeth vulnerable to tartar formation. Make sure that your brushing efforts remain effective by switching toothbrushes at the appropriate times. You should move to a new brush after three months, or sooner if the bristles are already starting to look worn. Remember that even with aggressive brushing, you will not be able to remove tartar. In fact, brushing with too much force can actually become a problem, as it can lead to issues with enamel erosion and gum line recession!

Visiting Your Dentist For Routine Evaluations

If you have a problems with your oral health, your dentist can determine if you need a dental filling or dental crown and provide the appropriate care. In addition to doing this, we can provide important preventive services by cleaning tartar buildup from your teeth. Even with good habits, people can still experience some tartar accumulation between appointments. However, in the time between visits, those who schedule exams regularly can have fewer deposits to worry about, and less risk for problems.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Fighting Tartar Buildup

Grinnell Street Dental is ready to help patients protect their teeth by keeping them tartar-free! To schedule routine dental cleanings and evaluations for your family, or to discuss any other concerns you have about your dental health, call our dental office in Sheridan, WY by calling 307-672-7567.