TMJ Treatment Can Put Teeth Grinding Issues Behind You!

When you discuss problems with TMJ disorder with your Sheridan, WY dentist, you can begin plans to treat issues with your jaw alignment and movement that have created several issues with discomfort. Those issues can include jaw stiffness and pain, headaches, and even difficulties with eating and speaking. This can also lead to relief from persistent teeth grinding problems. When people do not act in time to address teeth grinding, or bruxism, they can experience serious damage to their enamel. This can make cosmetic dental work necessary, or even call for the placement of dental crowns on damaged teeth! The sooner you act to resolve problems with your jaw, the sooner you can leave these problems behind you and enjoy days spent without familiar facial aches and pains!

Has Nightly Teeth Grinding Become An Issue For You?

Teeth grinding can be one of many issues you experience because of TMJ disorder, but its effect on your smile can be particularly worrying. Over time, the friction created when you grind and chew can wear down your enamel and change the shapes of teeth. If too much pressure is exerted, your enamel can even chip or crack! When this happens, it can be necessary for your dentist to perform restorative dental work to address problems with your oral health.

Other Problems Associated With TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder becomes an issue when your jaw alignment changes, or when problems affect the joints and muscles responsible for jaw movement. While one person’s problems may stem from a facial injury, another may have issues because tooth loss has negatively affected their dental function. While the causes can vary, treatment for this issue can center on improving your jaw movement and alignment to resolve tension. Oral appliance therapy can help with this. The custom appliance that you receive will help correct the way your jaw is aligned, easing tension on both the joints and muscles. We can also perform a review to see if teeth need to be restored with dental crowns to positively change your bite.

The Importance Of Seeking Treatment When You Have Oral Health Concerns

When you think that something might be wrong with your oral health, make sure your dentist is aware. This way, you can begin treatment before your condition worsens and creates new complications. For example, if you ignore symptoms of TMJ disorder, you can wind up with serious enamel damage from teeth grinding that leads to the need for cosmetic or restorative treatment!

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist If You Are Concerned About TMJ Disorder

Grinnell Street Dental is prepared to help individuals who are concerned about teeth grinding and TMJ disorder. If you feel that this condition is affecting your life, you can discuss treatment at our dentist’s office in Sheridan, WY by calling 307-672-7567.