Smart Behaviors That Can Help You Preserve Your Smile

If you experience problems with your oral health, your Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is ready to meet with you and provide the appropriate treatment. While you can be happy to know that someone is ready to help you if you need a dental filling or dental crown for a cavity, your goal should be to avoid problems entirely and avoid them. One thing we can do to help with this is to provide regular dental exams that offer important oral health updates and services to keep your teeth clean. We can also help you by talking to you about your current efforts to protect your smile between appointments. When you make positive changes to your routine, trouble with tooth decay or gum disease is less likely to occur!

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Your Teeth Clean?

What does your daily oral hygiene routine actually involve? If you want to stay protected against plaque and tartar buildup, it is important that you brush at least twice a day, and floss before you turn in for the night. In addition to keeping up with a consistent routine, you should watch out for bad habits that can make brushing and flossing less effective. For example, make sure that you let go of an old toothbrush after three months, or once you notice its bristles look worn down. To make sure you are safe from gingivitis, bring your floss string all the way down to the gum line and thoroughly clean the bases of your teeth. Another good habit to pick up if you want to clean teeth is the regular consumption of water. Drinking it instead of soft drinks at meals can help you reduce your exposure to sugar, and it will help you wash away harmful debris on your teeth.

Are You Using Tobacco Products?

When you use tobacco products, you can make your smile vulnerable to several issues. One thing to worry about is the accumulation of teeth stains. Habitual smoking, or the use of smokeless tobacco, can leave you with dull, yellowed teeth, a problem that can persist until you undergo a teeth whitening treatment. Tobacco can also make gingivitis harder to prevent, and it can raise your risk for oral cancer.

Do You Schedule Routine Dental Appointments?

If you are not taking advantage of the routine services that your dentist offers, you can have a difficult time keeping your smile healthy. Regular visits lead to the early detection and treatment of problems so that they cannot continue to worsen and do more harm to your smile. These visits also provide you with teeth cleanings that lower your risk for future troubles.

Your Sheridan, WY Dentist Can Help You Preserve Your Smile

Grinnell Street Dental is prepared to help patients maintain healthy, confident smiles! To learn more about our services, or for guidance on how you can improve your oral care routine at home, call our dentist’s office in Sheridan, WY by calling 307-672-7567.