Will Cavity Treatment Hurt Your Confidence In Your Smile?

contemplating question about cavity treatmentIf you choose to ignore a cavity, you can count on your tooth’s health to worsen as time passes. Eventually, decay will cause an infection that causes considerable discomfort. You can also experience swelling of your gums around the tooth, or notice a change in its color. An untreated cavity will eventually damage your tooth to the point of making an extraction necessary! At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we are prepared to deal with tooth decay issues. In addition to removing decayed tissues and clearing out the bacteria causing damage, we can provide a dental filling or dental crown that protects a tooth. These restorations can actually be made to match your healthy enamel, which ensures that your smile remains the same after treatment!

Will People Notice That I Have A Filling Or Crown?

With the right dental restoration, you can restore a tooth without making it obvious that any treatment has occurred. Dental fillings made from a composite resin material can blend with their surroundings and even bond to them. The bonding process seals the tooth in place and prevents any openings from forming between the filling and your enamel. With CEREC technology, we are able to produce lifelike ceramic crowns that imitate the tooth being restored. While other practices rely on third party labs to provide crowns, our in-house technology allows us to produce them in less time – you can receive yours in as little as one day!

Tooth-Colored Restorations Offer Cosmetic And Functional Benefits

Both tooth-colored dental fillings and dental crowns play an important role in protecting a tooth. They prevent future infections by keeping bacteria from building up in a space where a cavity previously formed. They also offer structural support, which means you will still be able to put pressure on a tooth whenever you bite and chew. Being able to do this without issue helps you maintain a natural jaw movement and avoid issues with TMJ disorder.

Things To Remember If You Think You Have A Cavity

If you start to experience problems with pain or sensitivity, a cavity could be the reason why. Reaching out to your dentist promptly can ensure that the matter is resolved before further complications affect you. If you want to stay informed about your oral health and prevent advanced tooth decay, keep up with your general dental exams so that your dentist can find and treat early signs of decay with fillings.

Grinnell Street Dental Is Ready To Restore Your Smile!

At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, patients who are concerned about a cavity can have restorative work that protects their tooth as well as their appearance! Find out more about how we can help you by calling Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567.