How Dry Mouth Impacts Your Cavity Prevention Efforts

woman drinking water fighting dry mouthWhen you have problems with cavities, you may look at some obvious culprits as the cause of your troubles. You may determine that you need to take more time to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth each day, or you can commit to removing sugary items from your typical diet. While both can help, you may be overlooking another reason you have a difficult time preventing tooth decay from affecting your well-being. People who are frequently dehydrated, or those who take certain medications, can have recurring struggles with dry mouth. Dry mouth is the result of poor saliva production. In addition to making you feel uncomfortable, this can make it harder to avoid cavities, as this substance actually helps us fight oral bacteria and decay! Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office can help you recognize when this or other issues is affecting your ability to preserve a healthy smile.

Saliva Production Helps Protect Teeth Against Oral Health Issues

Saliva offers support to our teeth in several ways. One thing you rely on saliva for is the cleaning of your mouth while you eat, as it helps us break down and rinse away food. What you might not realize is that saliva can neutralize acids that put us at risk for enamel damage, and it can even neutralize some of the unwelcome oral bacteria that build up on our teeth. If you are struggling with dry mouth, you can stop enjoying these benefits, which can make your oral health more difficult to maintain.

Why Are You Struggling With Dry Mouth?

One common cause of dry mouth is dehydration. If you think you struggle with this, combat the matter by drinking more water. Choosing water specifically can have several benefits. Flavored beverages often contain sugar, and they are acidic. As a result, they can actually make it harder for you to avoid problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns. Colorful beverages are also a concern because they can lead to teeth stains. If you feel that your water consumption is not an issue, but you still struggle with dry mouth, you may want to speak to your doctor, particularly if the problem started after you began taking a prescribed medication.

Other Daily Problems That Can Impact Your Oral Health

Our condition on a typical day can have more influence on our oral health than you might realize. One thing to worry about is stress, as it can lead to problems with teeth grinding that cause dental damage, as well as pain from TMJ disorder. You may also struggle because of sleep deprivation, which can affect your focus and make you less attentive while you brush and floss.

Our Sheridan, WY Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Prevent Cavities!

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