How Do I Deal With A Loose Or Lost Tooth Filling?

A tooth filling, once placed, is meant to be a permanent presence. Fillings make it possible to restore a tooth that has been treated for a cavity – because your enamel is not able to heal from this decay on its own, it will always require support. Patients can look forward to long-term support from their restoration, and they should feel confident that they can still bite and chew with the affected tooth. With that said, it is possible for you to have a problem with an older filling. If your restoration starts to feel loose, or if you lose it, your tooth’s health can be in jeopardy. Your Sheridan, WY dentist can help you deal with this problem by checking on the condition of your tooth and providing a new restoration.

Losing A Tooth Filling Can Put Your Oral Health At Risk

The portion of your tooth restored with a filling will be vulnerable to physical damage or infection if your restoration is lost, or if it becomes loose. If you try to ignore the problem, or even delay care from your dentist, you are more likely to experience a complication that will have to be addressed. Reach out as soon as possible to explain what has happened and set up an appointment. Until that appointment takes place, be careful about applying pressure to the tooth, and do as much as you can to safely keep it clean.

Can My Filling Be Saved?

Bring in your filling so that your dentist can look at it as well as the area of your tooth where it was located. Rather than try to put an older filling back in place, your dentist can provide a new restoration to protect your tooth. You may require a dental crown at this point. Because we use CEREC technology to craft crowns, this is something that can be done for you in as little as one appointment.

Your New Restoration Can Match The Appearance Of Your Enamel

The dental fillings and dental crowns our practice provides patients are made to provide cosmetic benefits in addition to support for your tooth structure. In addition to looking like healthy enamel, the composite resin material we use to make fillings can bond with your tooth structure, which keeps it secure and prevents the formation of space between the restoration and your enamel.

Your Sheridan, WY Dentist Can Address A Problem With A Loose Or Lost Filling

At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, individuals who are affected by a problem with an older filling or crown can set up an appointment to discuss the issue. If you are experiencing this problem, or if there is another oral health issue that is concerning you, contact Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567.