Take Care When Removing Food Wedged Between Your Teeth

Having something stuck between your teeth can be irritating, but the problem often works itself out. One role that our saliva performs is washing away food debris, and you may be able to naturally dislodge something clinging to a tooth, or between teeth. However, it may take more work to dislodge food in other situations. Be careful when trying to remove something, even if the food wedged in place is causing you discomfort. With too much force, or with the wrong tools, you can harm your gum tissues, which can lead to a harmful infection. If there is something you cannot remove on your own, which is also causing you pain, reach out to let your dentist know. Our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is prepared to help patients in many different circumstances when an issue threatens their smile and oral health.

Stick With Floss When Removing Something Stuck Between Teeth

If you are trying to take care of something that has become lodged in place between teeth, trust your floss to take care of it. Floss is designed to carefully remove food debris that might accumulate between teeth, and the string can do so without putting you at risk for hurting your gums. If you are not careful, you may cause harm to the tissues, which can allow bacteria to infiltrate and negatively affect your health!

What Should You Do If An Item Is Not Coming Loose?

If something is not coming loose, and it is a source of active discomfort, reach out to your dentist’s office. If you attempt to remove something in this situation, and do more harm to your tooth or your gums, it can create new concerns that need to be treated. In a situation where something is stubbornly stuck but not painful, take your time working it loose, and use floss and water to responsibly address it.

The General Benefits Of Keeping The Spaces Between Teeth Clean

You should make flossing part of your daily oral hygiene routine, and not just doing it when you are irritated by something wedged between teeth. By flossing, you fight the buildup of bacteria that can lead to tartar formation. You also protect yourself from cavities that can require the placement of dental crowns or dental fillings, as well as against the development of gingivitis.

Our Sheridan, WY Dentist Can Help You Keep Your Teeth Clean And Healthy

At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients deal with worrying dental problems. We are also here to help people in our community protect their teeth so that they remain protected against tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues. If you would like to learn more, please call Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567.