3 Tips To Help You Prevent A Future Cavity

Are you familiar with the process of treating a cavity? If you have experienced issues with tooth decay in the past, you may be clear on what has to happen to protect a tooth that required restorative dental work. To properly treat the problem, a permanent restoration has to be put in place after the removal of decay, as the damage to your tooth structure is permanent. In order to avoid this permanent damage in the future, it is important to pay attention to your ongoing oral care habits. Whether you have had several cavities or none at all, a review of your oral hygiene habits can be beneficial. Remember that in addition to providing professional care during routine dental appointments, your Sheridan, WY dentist can talk with you about better oral health habits at home.

1. Look For Ways To Improve Your Daily Oral Care Routine

Our teeth face daily threats from oral bacteria. When unwelcome microbes are allowed to accumulate, we can develop plaque, which can then harden to tartar if plaque buildup is not addressed. Through smart daily oral care, you can effectively keep plaque buildup from occurring, and also remove the food particles that those plaque feed on. A good routine should involve thorough brushing, but it should also involve daily flossing. By practicing both of these habits, you can make sure all areas of your smile are protected from potential harm, and you can avoid issues with tooth decay that require dental fillings or dental crowns.

2. Cut Down On Sugary Products, And Be Wary Of Acidic Foods And Drinks

Your diet choices can make it harder or easier for you to develop cavities over time. Unfortunately, many tasty and readily available snacks and treats can be high in sugar, which can make protecting yourself against decay difficult. It is important to exercise moderation, and to cut out sugar as much as possible. You should know that acidic products can also be a concern for your smile. When your diet is high in acidic foods and drinks, you can weaken your enamel, making cavities more likely.

3. Be Consistent About Your Routine Dental Exams

Every routine dental exam gives your dentist a chance to check on your smile, and arrange for you to undergo a beneficial cleaning. The cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to problems for your smile. Your reviews lead to feedback about the quality of your smile health, and also timely treatments if any problems are identified.

Talk To Your Sheridan, WY Dentist About Cavity Prevention

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