Support From A Custom Appliance Can Help With Jaw Pain

The experience of discomfort when you bite, chew, or even when you try to speak can make you concerned, and interfere with your daily life in unpleasant ways. These problems, which can result from TMJ disorder, are often accompanied by jaw stiffness, headaches, and even pain in your face and neck. Your Sheridan, WY dentist’s office is ready to help you take on problems associated with TMJ disorder. Part of your treatment will involve a close study of your bite movement, facial muscles, and dental health to find out why you might be experiencing issues. Care can also be provided through the use of a custom appliance that helps to reposition your jaw in order to reduce stress on your joints and muscles.

TMJ Disorder Can Cause Problems Like Headaches, Jaw Pain, And More

.TMJ disorder can result from different issues that can interfere with your bite function, or with the health of your jaw joints. While the reason for your one person’s troubles can vary from another’s, there are common symptoms that can be identified. While the problem may be with your jaw joints and muscles, you can experience headaches, as well as pain in your face, neck, and shoulders. It can also become difficult for you to bite, chew, and even speak without some pain or stiffness.

Wearing Your Custom Appliance Can Reduce Jaw Tension

While your overall treatment might require the placement of dental crowns, or even the use of Invisalign aligner to improve your bite function, a custom appliance is often provided to help patients with TMJ disorder. The appliance corrects the position of your jaw, which can reduce tension that affects the joints and muscles. Wearing it over time can help you naturally change the way you hold your jaw in place, so you can start to reduce the frequent stress you are under.

Is A Problem With Your Oral Health Responsible For Your Jaw Troubles?

If your TMJ disorder is linked to issues with your bite function, we can help! It may be necessary to improve your bite function by addressing problems with teeth that are poorly spaced. Invisalign treatment can make the adjustment experience easier than you might think possible, as you will be able to straighten your smile without a fixed appliance. You can also have improvements through the placement of dental crowns, which can make it easier to bite and chew with teeth that have offered too little support.

Talk To Grinnell Street Dental About Your Issues With Jaw Pain

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