Veneers Can Make Several Positive Changes To Your Smile

If you are tired of feeling let down by your smile when you look at pictures, or whenever you glance at your teeth in the mirror, make an appointment to discuss cosmetic dental work. People who feel intimidated at first can discover that the right cosmetic treatment can help them see great improvements to the way they look. In addition to feeling intrigued by the potential for a better smile, you can be excited to learn just how little time and work it might take for you to see your desired results. At our Sheridan, WY dentist’s office, patients who are interested in treatment with porcelain veneers may be able to reach all their goals for cosmetic work with a single procedure!

Discussing Possible Improvements For Your Smile

Are you concerned with the color of your teeth? Do you have certain teeth that appear misshapen or out of place? It is common for people with cosmetic flaws to identify several issues that they would like to change. When you look into treatment involving the placement of veneers, you can discover how several changes can be made after just one appointment. Veneers are designed to cover teeth with lifelike shells that make their teeth appear problem-free. Once in place, these restorations can give you a terrific surge of confidence.

Veneers Help Patients Fix Several Cosmetic Concerns With A Single Procedure

The custom designed veneers used to restore your smile can cover up discoloration, improve on the appearance of misshapen teeth, and even help hide some problems with poor alignment! In order to provide optimal results, your dentist will work carefully to measure your teeth, and determine their precise shape and color. Some procedures, like teeth whitening treatment, are meant to address a specific problem. Veneers have been effective at giving patients a “smile makeover” because they offer total coverage to effectively hide problems with condition and spacing, as well as color.

Are Veneers An Effective Long-Term Solution For Smile Improvement?

The porcelain material used to construct custom veneers is popular for more than just its appearance. While the substance is capable of imitating your enamel, it is also capable of offering considerable functional support. What this means is that you can continue to bite and chew using teeth that have been fitted with these restorations. It should be noted that if you currently have issues with the health and condition of certain teeth, it may be preferable to place dental crowns.

Our Sheridan, WY Dentist’s Office Can Provide Real Smile Improvements With Veneers

At Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY, we are prepared to help you show off exciting smile improvements by placing porcelain veneers on teeth that are affected by cosmetic flaws. To learn more about Grinnell Street Dental, or to set up an appointment with one of our dentists, please contact our Sheridan, WY, dental office today at (307) 672-7567.