We Can Treat Cold Sores During Routine Dental Exams

When a cold sore develops, you can experience embarrassment because of its presence, and also find it to be uncomfortable. These sores can hurt, or feel itchy upon forming. They can also attract undesirable attention thanks to their prominent location on your face! At our Sheridan, WY dental practice, we recognize how frustrating it can be to have a cold sore form. With modern laser treatment, we can help you recover more quickly from the development of a sore, and address the discomfort it causes. This is a service we can provide when you come in for a routine dental checkup, as well as a treatment you can schedule in between your regular visits.

Using Laser Treatment To Address Cold Sores

In order to fight a cold sore and its effect on you, we rely on a treatment with lasers. This approach makes it possible for us to respond quickly, and to help you recover from the eruption of a sore in a remarkably short period. Laser treatment on a cold sore can also stop future sores in that location, or prevent a new sore from forming! The laser relied on for care is specially designed for soft tissues, and typically will not require any anesthesia.

Identifying Trouble With Cold Sores During A Routine Dental Exam

In the course of a typical dental exam, your dentist is going to carefully check for common problems like tooth decay and gum disease. With that said, their overall evaluation is concentrated on more than just these familiar problems. During a checkup, we can examine a cold sore, or look for signs that suggest one may erupt soon. One of the important benefits to consistent checkups is that your dentist is afforded opportunities to help you with a problem before that problem becomes serious. In addition to treating a soon-to-form sore with a laser, we can identify problems with decay and restore a tooth with a dental filling before a cavity is serious enough to require a dental crown.

What If I Have A Problem With A Cold Sore Between Appointments?

If you are bothered by a cold sore that emerges between appointments, you can contact us to set up a special appointment to address the matter. We understand that sores can be unpredictable, and their impact on your daily life can make you eager to address them. With this in mind, we are prepared to book appointments for people who are focused on correcting their cold sore problem!

Talk To Grinnell Street Dental About Your Concerns With Cold Sores

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