Examining Your Smile Health During A Routine Dental Exam

Our Sheridan, WY dental practice is prepared to work on improving your smile if you have concerns about your appearance, or whenever you might need to address an oral health problem. With that said, we can do more than just take care of you when something is wrong! Our general dental services include careful teeth cleanings, and thorough reviews that lead to feedback about the state of your oral health. When you include professional dental exams in your overall plans to preserve your smile, you can be less likely to experience dental problems. If problems do arise, your dentist can work with you to identify improvements to your oral care routine, and discuss treatment before an issue worsens.

A Dental Exam Can Give You Important Feedback About Your Oral Health

An oral health problem can develop, and impact your well-being, without causing immediate symptoms. What this means is that you might have an issue that calls for treatment without being aware of it at all! For instance, you may not notice when a cavity first forms, which can allow that cavity to keep growing, and damaging more of your tooth structure. If it takes active dental pain to finally send you to the dentist’s office, that issue with decay could call for more involved work, and the placement of a dental crown. A small cavity caught during a routine evaluation is often something that can be treated with a dental filling.

What Can I Expect To Happen During My Exam?

Your exam can include both a review of your oral health, and a cleaning of your teeth. The cleaning leads to the removal of harmful plaque and tartar, as well as any food debris found on teeth. The removal of tartar is an especially important part of this process, as this substance is not something you can remove on your own. You also undergo an evaluation with your dentist, so any problems that are already present are identified and treated.

Following A Review With Necessary Treatment

If your dentist identifies a problem with your dental health, you can learn what treatment will involve, and arrange that care. This can mean having a cavity treated, but you should know that there are other issues that can be identified in the course of your visit. One problem is with TMJ dysfunction – if your dentist recognizes a problem with your jaw, treatment can lead to relief from frequent discomfort in your head, face, and jaw joints. You can also learn about our laser treatment for cold sores, which can help you recover from these painful and unsightly problems in a shorter time.

Talk To Grinnell Street Dental About Scheduling Routine Dental Exams

At Grinnell Street Dental, patients who want to make sure their teeth are healthy can set up important routine dental exams! These evaluations can lead to the discovery of problems, in addition to important treatment. If you would like to find out more information about Grinnell Street Dental, or to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, contact our Sheridan, WY, dental office today at (307) 672-7567.