Addressing Oral Health Problems That Affect Your Appearance

An oral health problem is not a matter that you want to take lightly, especially if you want to preserve the look of your smile! At our Sheridan, WY dental practice, we can offer general dental services that are capable of addressing any active problems you might have with your dental health. To many people, “dental health” essentially means cavities. Tooth decay is certainly something to worry about, and we can provide modern treatment to address the issue. With that said, other problems can affect both your dental health, and your appearance.

Dealing With Unsightly Dental Damage And Decay

Simply put, damage that affects the look of your teeth can have a pronounced affect on your smile’s health and appearance. A damaged or unhealthy tooth can draw the attention of people while you speak or smile. Of course, the matter is more than just a cosmetic dental concern. If your tooth is unhealthy, its condition can continue to worsen, and potentially create new problems. We can offer the appropriate response to tooth decay, and we use modern dental fillings and dental crowns to restore damaged or decayed teeth. Because these restorations are made from lifelike materials, you will not have to worry that people will be staring at a conspicuous filling or crown, or even suspect that something is amiss with your smile!

Improving Your Smile By Addressing A Noticeable Missing Tooth

A gap in your smile caused by tooth loss is understandably a cause for discomfort. Of course, a missing tooth does not have to be visible to create real problems. To restore your ability to bite and chew, while also improving your appearance, we can talk to you about placing a dental implant to hold a restoration. The implant actually offers long-term support for your dental function and jawbone, which can help you preserve both your oral health, and your appearance.

We Can Help You Deal With An Unsightly Cold Sore!

Are you troubled by cold sores? Our practice can help you deal with this unflattering menace through modern laser treatment. By reducing the size of the sore, and helping you heal more quickly, we can help you do something about this embarrassing problem.

Talk To Grinnell Street Dental About Oral Health Work To Improve Your Appearance

At Grinnell Street Dental, patients in and around Sheridan, WY can look forward to terrific care! We rely on modern treatment solutions that can improve the way you look while also helping you maintain good oral health. If you have questions about a possible problem, if you need to arrange a dental service, or if you just want to make sure your smile is healthy, let us know! To learn more about Grinnell Street Dental, or to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, contact our Sheridan, WY, dental office today at (307) 672-7567.