Discreetly Restoring Your Tooth With A Metal-Free Filling

Modern dental materials are able to effectively protect your tooth structure after your trouble with a cavity. What you can be happy to learn is that our Sheridan, WY dental practice, we use a lifelike substance to craft dental fillings that protect your enamel, and also preserve your appearance. It should be noted that dental fillings are not appropriate in every situation where someone has a cavity. If you wait too long to have decay addressed, the damage can become too significant for this restoration, so a dental crown will have to be used instead. While dental crowns can provide great support, and can match the look of natural teeth, this does involve the permanent loss of more of your healthy tooth structure.

Using A Dental Filling To Restore A Cavity

Dental fillings inhabit the portion of your tooth that experiences damage from tooth decay. This means that your healthy enamel can remain, which means you can preserve more of your natural tooth structure. The resin material used to make fillings that can imitate your tooth structure also have the ability to bond directly to your enamel, so they can remain fully in place.

Metal-Free Fillings Are Discreet And Dependable

Metal-free fillings provide patients with more than just the confidence that their smile will not be negatively impacted by their dental work! The bonding process that occurs between the filling and your tooth structure will provide great support, so you will feel comfortable with a restoration that stays secure. This also prevents issues with space forming between your tooth and your filling – this can become an issue with metal fillings, which can change their shape over time. While the space might be slight, it can leave enough room to welcome oral bacteria, which can create real issues for you.

Taking Steps To Prevent Future Cavities

While it can be a relief to know that modern dental crowns and dental fillings provide cosmetic and functional support, you should be committed to avoiding any problems with your oral health that require restorative dental services. You can take an important step towards maintaining a better smile by scheduling regular dental exams and cleanings. In addition to this, make sure you are doing an effective job brushing and flossing your teeth over time.

Talk To Grinnell Street Dental About Receiving A Metal-Free Filling

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