3 Reasons To Make A Serious Effort To Avoid Dental Decay

While people rarely WANT to experience tooth decay, some do relatively little to make sure the problem does not affect them. This may be due to overconfidence when it comes to their oral health routine, or simply a lack of attention. What you should know is that while expert services are available to restore your oral health if you have a cavity, there are potentially serious consequences to decay that should concern you. Make sure you make a serious effort to fight decay by cleaning your teeth, and watching out for your sugar intake. You can count on your Sheridan, WY dental practice to help you avoid troubles, and you can count on us to manage your oral health needs if a problem does arise.

1. A Cavity Does Irreversible Damage To Your Tooth Structure

Even if modern dental fillings and dental crowns do a great job of protecting teeth, the fact is that a cavity’s effect on your tooth structure is just not reversible. Every portion of your tooth affected by decay is permanently destroyed. As helpful as modern restorations are, the best way to protect your tooth is to make sure you never experience decay, or have it addressed as soon as possible.

2. Decay Puts You At Risk For A Painful Infection

If too much time passes without treatment, your tooth can start to become painful and sensitive as a consequence of an infection. The problem goes beyond just this discomfort – as the infection worsens, there is a risk that bacteria will travel out of your tooth through the root, and cause more problems for you!

3. An Effective Defense Against Tooth Decay Can Have Additional Benefits

Brushing and flossing effectively can do more than just stop cavities from forming. Thorough, consistent cleanings can help you by removing food and beverage particles that may stain teeth. While you may need a professional whitening treatment to remove stains that have already settled, you can certainly manage to keep new stains from forming with better brushing activity. It should also be noted that your smile care is about more than just your teeth. By managing the threat of oral bacteria, you can also protect your gums from an infection.

Grinnell Street Dental Is Ready To Help You Deal With Dental Decay

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