A Cavity Will Continue To Hurt A Tooth Over Time

A cavity does not stop just because its continued growth might become inconvenient to you. Once decay becomes a problem for your dentist, you should be aware that it will continue to spread, and eventually cause serious problems for your oral health. In other words, delaying restorative dental work means your tooth will be in worse shape by the time you are finally in the dentist’s chair. You can be glad to know that even if your cavity has become serious, your Sheridan, WY dentist’s office can make sure you receive convenient and dependable care. In fact, you can be glad to know that modern CEREC technology makes it possible to have an attractive dental crown placed on your tooth after just one appointment!

Putting Off Cavity Treatment Can Lead To Serious Tooth Trouble

A small cavity that only hurts a portion of your enamel can be stopped when that decay is removed, and the damaged enamel is replaced with a dental filling. You should know that this convenient solution becomes less possible as time passes, and decay keeps spreading. Once a cavity becomes too large for your tooth, it can call for more support than a filling reliably provides. At this stage, a larger restoration is needed. What happens if you still go without treatment at this point? An untreated tooth can ultimately experience a level of harm that makes it impossible to save. Your dentist will have to replace the tooth with a durable dental prosthetic.

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Properly Restored

The goal of proper restorative dental work is to make sure a tooth benefits in several ways. You should be protected against a new infection – a problem that can occur when your tooth is left in a vulnerable state. You should also be confident that you can bite and chew without issues. A restoration is intended to provide a level of support that allows for pressure to be placed on your tooth. If you have an older restoration that no longer allows this, or one that causes feelings of sensitivity, make sure your dentist knows about it.

Planning Cavity Treatments For Multiple Teeth

Patients who have not kept up with their oral health needs are sometimes dismayed to learn that they need treatment for several cavities. At this point, they may need to embark on a full-mouth rehabilitation. This is a process of treatments that aims to take care of every issue with your oral health. That can mean taking on multiple cavities, and/or dealing with functional dental problems connected to TMJ dysfunction.

Talk To Grinnell Street Dental About Arranging Cavity Treatment

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