When Is A Bridge A Smart Solution For Me?

When you are missing teeth in your smile, you know that the smart thing to do in order to protect your oral health and get back to life with a smile that’s complete is to actually seek out tooth replacement solutions to do so. However, as far as choosing the best prosthetic for your needs, you may feel like you run into a bit of trouble as you begin digging deeper into your many choices. How does one make a final decision, you wonder? Today, our Sheridan, WY team helps you better determine when a dental bridge may prove to be a very wise decision for a patient!

When You Really Want A Fixed Option

When you really want a fixed option, a dental bridge is certainly a solution to consider. Why is that? Well, a dental bridge is considered “fixed” because it isn’t removable the way a denture is. The placement of a bridge includes relying on a special bonding adhesive to fix the device in place over the teeth that are currently sitting on each side of the open space in your grin. Once it’s in place, it will stay put day in, day out, 24/7. For many patients, this is preferable for easy wear and care.

When You’re Missing Just A Few Teeth

To determine whether a dental bridge is going to be a smart solution for you, you will first need to begin by counting the amount of teeth you have lost. Remember that a bridge is a solution that can only address partial tooth loss and a specific number at that: You may replace one tooth, two teeth, or three teeth. Any more than that and you will need to consider something else. Up to three teeth and this might be your prosthetic of choice!

When You Have One Single Opening

No, we don’t mean you’re just missing one tooth. We mean that you have one continuous opening in your smile. This may be comprised of one missing tooth, two missing teeth, or three missing teeth. Remember that this is the type of tooth loss a dental bridge can address. When there are teeth missing that are spread apart from one another by remaining teeth, a bridge cannot treat this type of issue (because it must be able to simply close or “bridge” one gap). In such instances, a different solution will be required.

Replace Up To Three Teeth With A Bridge

When you are missing one tooth or up to three that rest side by side, a dental bridge provided by our team may offer you the replacement solution you are looking for as a long-term, fixed device. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567. Our dentist’s office is located in Sheridan, WY, and we proudly serve patients from all surrounding communities, including Gillette, Billings, Miles City, and more.