Addressing TMJ Disorder: 3 Very Important Things To Change

When you discover that something isn’t quite right with your TMJs (remember that these are your jaw joints and that TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint), you know something needs to change. However, unless you happen to have a lot of knowledge already about what’s going on, you may feel as though you are coming up short in regard to how to proceed. To begin with, the best first step is to come in to our Sheridan, WY practice, so that we may check in on your smile and surrounding structures. Then, of course, if we diagnose you with TMJ disorder, then treating the problem with actual treatment and important suggestions is the way to go!

#1: Stop Chewing Too Frequently

If you suspect or know that you have TMJ disorder, then one habit you may need to consider is your daily eating and snacking. If you are someone who generally sticks to three meals a day with few snacks, then this may not apply to you. However, if you tend to snack throughout the day, munch on food here and there, chew gum, or even take time to eat the ice when you’re through with your beverage, you need to know something: You’re doing a lot of chewing, which can make matters worse for unhealthy TMJs. Plan snacks in advance, so you can limit chewing as you work toward improved jaw joint health.

#2: Take The Pressure Off

Our team reminds you that in addition to too much movement, which can exacerbate TMJ disorder, too much pressure is another factor. You may want to ask yourself about the foods you’re consuming. Are you eating food that you can chew through easily? Do you cut your food before you eat it or do you make your jaws do all of the work? When you’re putting too much pressure on those jaw joints, you’re making things worse for your TMJ health instead of better. Use your fork and knife, choose softer foods, and you’ll be making a positive difference.

#3: Begin TMJ Treatment As Soon As Possible

If you’re not already receiving TMJ treatment with our team, then the time to come in is right now! We urge you to seek treatment from us as soon as possible, so you can give your jaws time to rest, to relax, and to recover, while you prevent the development of true damage.

See Us As Soon As You Can For TMJ Treatment

When TMJ problems affect your jaw joints, it is time to come in to see our friendly team as soon as possible, so you may begin receiving the TMJ treatment that will solve your discomfort and prevent damage. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567. Our dentist’s office is located in Sheridan, WY, and we proudly serve patients from all surrounding communities, including Gillette, Billings, Miles City, and more.

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